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AMITIS SHIMI KAR KISH COMPANY which is a part of Fara Pakhsh Holding, was established in 2005 with the aim of raising the level of quality of manufactured products in the country and Promoting the usage of high-quality lubricants in consideration of the growth of modern cars in cities.

The company first entered the Iranian market with the production of industrial lubricants and coolants, and later on with the addition of brake fluid, octane and motorsport, they tried to complete their product portfolio but, due to the sanctions, it could not enter the gasoline and diesel fuel market until 2014. Since entering the market in,it has completed its basket of goods and a significant presence in the market.

At the present time, the company has a succesful presence in the market with producing 87 different types of petrol, diesel, industrial and coolant oils, brake fluid, octane lifts, liquid motorsport and the production of various types of oils using the world-class technical knowledge in accordance with the international standards of automobile industry And according to the national standards of our beloved country and the use of skilled personnel and experienced engineers in the market. Also with using a high quality imported base oil and additive of reputable company INFINEUEM, approved by European automakers, including Mercedes Benz, BMW, VOLVO, is undoubtedly one of the best quality oils available in the country. The company, utilizing highly modern semi-automatic lines and a well-equipped laboratory, has the ability to produce and package 11 million liters of its own products.

The company is working on its R & D unit on a daily basis to increase its technical knowledge and the level of production, improve packaging quality and increase product diversity, and in the near future, increase the share of sales in the country's market as well as exports to European countries.

We think about the future of our beloved country, Iran with the motto "Quality preservation" and to proudly have a small share in the employment creation and  have made the national production our slogan with pride. Wait to hear some good news from us.

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The main goal of this company